The Serial Collective Explained

Hello Writer. Welcome! The Serial Collective is where you will finally find the inspiration, motivation, and accountability you need to finish writing, editing, and/or revising your book. It’s also the place to build your blogging habit, prep and polish short stories for submission, and craft your non-fiction. Okay. But what is The Serial Collective? How…
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The Serial Collective The Productivity Pod (Prod Pod) The Positive Feedback Pod (PF Pod) pilot (application coming soon)

The Prod Pod: Get in the Writing Habit

under construction Apply here: The Productivity Pod: Application – Bronwyn Emery ~ writing + creativity coach

The Critique Pool

Come on in, the water’s fine. The stories are swirling and the writers are lapping it up. The Serial Collective is a space and place to share your work, piece by piece, with other writers. It is designed to bring exterior motivation and accountability to creative people who need it to thrive. Self-starters also benefit…
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Why “Serial Collective”?

What’s with this name? Is this about serial killers? If you’re a member of The Serial Collective and you’re writing about serial killers, that’s hella meta. And hella cool. But no, that’s not what everyone else is here for. Publishing in serial form used to be a thing. Remember reading the Pickwick Papers by Boz…
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Proof of Write.

Because it’s about time an addiction was good for you. Over in my writers community, To Live & Write, there are at least three opportunities every week to read up to five minutes of your latest work to a handful of people. It’s called Proof of Write and that’s it’s purpose: to give you a…
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