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Paranormal Romance: Erica Peck

Working Title: Touch of the Lilin. Lillian isn’t Not Like Other Girls. She has a normal job and a normal life in a normal city. All she wants is the same stuff everyone seems to want: True love, a couple of kids, a cozy place to live with decent water pressure, and the occasional girls’ night out. Unfortunately, her boyfriend has just turned out to be a cheating loser, she’s burned her couch in a fit of rage, she’s not getting any younger, and most of the items on her list seem suddenly much less attainable. To make matters worse, ever since she met this smoking hot guy on her lunch break, she’s feeling like total crap and having the weirdest dreams. What even is real anymore? Maybe she really does need a vacation. And a new couch. What she definitely doesn’t need is another relationship.

Zef may look like your average smoking hot European billionaire, but in reality, he is a Lilin, one of a race of immortal supernatural beings that lives among humans in secret and feed on emotional energy. When he happens upon Lillian in a cafe, he can’t believe his luck: not only is she a Nara–a hybrid human able to breed with Lilin and unlock their full magical potential–but she is his True Mate, fated by the Goddess to be his soul’s perfect companion. All he has to do is convince her to magically bond with him and agree to stay with him for eternity before the next full moon. Easy, right? Except that Nara are much in demand within secret immortal supernatural circles, and he’s not the only one who has noticed her. Zef isn’t a growly possessive Alpha Male, but he will endure whatever hardships are necessary to protect Lillian and win her love, including experimental jazz accordion.

Travel Romance: Amy Rodriguez-Lee

Come tagalong with Ava Cabrera as she travels solo and finds love, adventure, danger, interesting people, and lots of fun. Ava begins her real journey at the end of the planned one when an idyllic Greek trip is upended by a freak Aegean hurricane. But the real storm begins when a fascinating man decides to join her for a drink to commiserate with her. Connor is the guy Ava never thought would be interested in her, but the connection is real from the beginning. Fate and attraction throw them together, and their way out of Greece becomes new adventures in Germany—together! But nothing is perfect, and when someone from Ava’s past appears with evil intentions, Ava is forced to relive painful memories. Her struggles with her own demons and the intruder makes her uncertain if she can still find a place for Connor in her future.

General Fiction

Adventure: John McNulty

High-seas adventure with personal development. A look at cultural mixing and exposure to new ideas in a south seas voyage. Earthquakes, a volcanic eruption, and a tsunami are just the beginning. So is the treasure hunt. A 1790s sailing ship finds an island in the South Seas, a la Mutiny on the Bounty. Captain Queege is mysteriously harboring a woman on board, against custom. Contact with the people of the island introduces an indigenous girl who is allowed to board, too. This girl meets the captain and the woman and amazes the crew.

Contemporary Literature: Janet Salsman

An artists’ model breaks her leg in a car crash and an offbeat new neighbor changes everything. Anna Dante poses for artists and works as a bar server. The instructor at the art school where she poses accidentally hits her with his car, breaking both her legs. In his guilt, he asks her to move in with him so he can take care of her while she heals, but finds her, as a person, much more difficult than she is as a model. When the situation becomes intolerable, Anna moves in with her elderly pastor father because she has nowhere else to go. As she faces the reality of her new situation, she begins to take charge of her own life. Meanwhile, Bonnie Brown’s relationship with her boyfriend crashes and burns. Her uncle, estranged from the family since before she was born, dies, leaving her his house on the condition that she change her name to Butterfly. The house has been neglected for years, and sometimes Butterfly’s efforts to fix things cause more problems. The same goes for her relationships with the neighbors, but patience and persistence eventually result in a transformation for Butterfly, the house, and the neighborhood.

Literary / Lyrical Fiction: Caesar Kent

For The Serial Collective, Caesar is writing literary fiction. He is about 85k words into the first draft of what may be a 100k lyrical novel.

Weird West: Jacquelyn Frost

A Heroine’s Journey where a witch in hiding joins up with a traveling variety act as they travel across the California Trail in the 1850s. Everyone in the troupe has secrets, will they find out hers


YA Fantasy: Lynn Houlihan

PRODUCTIVITY POD pilot member; not available for review

I have written the first draft of a YA Fantasy, which I completed during NaNoWriMo 2021. My ‘shitty’ first draft is about 90,000 words (so far), it’s waiting to undergo the first macro revision.


Coming-of-Age Memoir: Roberta Robertson

There are some things shy girls just should not do, and one of those things is abandoning everyone and everything they have ever known on a whim to attend college 1,200 miles away from home. Or perhaps that is exactly what shy girls should do.


Cozy Mystery: Emily Arnold-Fernandez

Learning to navigate life as a new widow in a village on a remote Scottish island, Morag finds herself drawn into helping solve a murder to save her friends. 

Soft-Boiled Amateur Mystery: Bronwyn Emery

Working title: Death of a Douchebag. Chloe Quill’s ex-husband has been brutally murdered and she was the last person to see him alive–in an emotionally charged moment with a deadly weapon in her hand. If she lets her children believe she killed their father, she loses everything, so she embarks on a quest to lead the police to an equally likely suspect with a known history of violence. No surprises when this backfires on her. Desperate to convince anyone and everyone that she didn’t do it, Chloe turns to her secret boyfriend, sociopath best friend, and dead therapist to help her figure her way out of this mess. This book is not a cozy but the cat does help save the day. Because, cat.


Psychological Horror: Arianna Siegel

Working title of my novel-in-progress, first raw draft, is Red Balloons.

Camillia, a young tourist from Canada, arrives at a budget hotel in Los Angeles for a 10-day visit. The hotel, she discovers, is in a seedy section of the city, and the hotel itself is not what it presented itself to be on its website. Camillia discovers there are some unsavory guests residing there, and the hotel has a long, dark history. She begins to experience disturbing incidents and writes a daily blog documenting them. Are Camillia’s experiences real, or is she mentally unstable?

The story is presented in various forms and points of view, and spans different time periods in the hotel’s history. They include Camillia’s blog entries and the perspective of a front-desk staff member in the present; a doomed model’s diary entries from 70 years before; a cult in the 1960’s, and more. Time, and events at the hotel, are quite fluid, flowing in and out and back and forth.


Lifestyle: Sailing: Heidi Stagg

PRODUCTIVITY POD pilot member; not available for review

Back to the Blog! I posted weekly for three years and then Covid came and killed my creativity and drive. I’m ready to reclaim my writing in earnest as we countdown the days until we leave Alameda for Mexico on our 42 ft sailboat. Vivo O Sonho … Living the Dream!

Travel: Parenting: Angel Montgomery

Family travel blog for families of color or families with mixed-race kids in the Bay Area.

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