WIP Quick Reference: Cycle 7


Contemporary Literature: Janet Salsman

Subject/Object follows two women undergoing life transformations. Anna is an artist’s model
until she is seriously injured in a car crash. Bonnie has just broken up with her boyfriend when
she learns that her long-estranged uncle has died, leaving her a house on the condition that she
change her name to Butterfly. Both women struggle, learn, and grow, eventually finding friends,
family, and each other.

Weird West: Jacquelyn Frost

A Heroine’s Journey where a witch in hiding joins up with a traveling variety act as they travel across the California Trail in the 1850s. Everyone in the troupe has secrets, will they find out hers


Travel and Parenting: Angel Montgomery

Family travel blog for families of color with tips for local and international travel.

Short Story Collection

Contemporary Literature: Stephanie Chenard

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